Maralyn 1

Maralyn 1

It took many months for me to come up with this idea and it was a combination of  1st year degree essay and a visit to London through Blackburn university. My essay was to compare and contrast two artists , 1 from early modernism and one from late modernism. i decided upon Salvadore Dahli (Dahli being one of my favourites)and Jeckson Pollock and i was heavily weighted on the side of Dahli but licked the technique of Pollock although i didnt know anything about him. It was Pollock that interested me more but it was something playing in the background.

As a group we were invited to go to London to view the great many galleries there. I was greatly inspired by the works there but also felt frustrated by so many pieces(some things i just don’t get). It was on our afternoon off that i took the greatest influence. I took the tube to south London to check out the graffiti and see if i could find any Banksi. It was great to get away from the strict regime of the visit and have some me time. There is so much undescovered potential there and it was here that i took my next major influence. It was simple… Just David Cameron with a hitler moustache.

Cameron plagued me for months and i did several screen prints based on this image involvingg nazi’s tanks ww2 war planes etc. i thought all this was behind me and we got set another painting assignment, it was to be a transcription. To paint an old piece of work in the style of someone living. THIS was the final connection. THIS is what brought the pieces together although i didnt know how to implement it yet.

It took another several week of thinking, researching stencil artists and then trying my first test run Marylin Monroe. I was at first disappointed with the outcome but i was close up. When i took her to the other side of the room and walked away i thought, yeah she looks good, i can work with this. It took alot of other experimentation to get to whrer i am now but thats another storey.

For now i have to say a massive thanks to the people involved in starting my journey. Thanks to Chris Young for the assignment that helped me look into Pollock that little bit more… Thanks to Stephen Pickels who took me to London and opened my eyes… Thanks to Richard Cross who taught me about transcriptions… Thanks to Banksi and Pollock who have influenced my style of work for ever… Thanks to Krystyna for giving me the space to work. Last of all i thank my brother Ian Wareing who taught me all i ever knew about art until i started my degree…R.I.P


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