Sprout cafe exhibit

1401758_10151974718504836_1252820980_o1403337_10151974722339836_788401126_o1397743_10151974721619836_1924740695_o920604_10151974721424836_313352166_oSprout cafe exhibit

This was one of my highlights of last year, it was my 1st exhibition and it was a solo exhibition… No pressure then. When i started to paint in this way (towards the begining of the summer holidays 2013) i knew i was onto something. Fuelled by the 5 paintings (3 of which were not up to scratch) i decided to approach a local Cafe (Sprouts) to see if they would exhibit my work and was delighted when they said they would like to show me at the end of september. THIS was a big space to fill and i only had 3 acceptable pieces. My target to myself was to create a minimum of 15 displayable pieces. You could say that i piled the pressure on but working like this i thrived. All summer was devoted to painting sometimes working until 3am and getting up again at 7am to carry on. It was a relentless pace in which to create work but by the time i reached my deadline i had created 17 pieces (one of which on plasterboard and experimental).
Nothing prepaired me for the nerves of the exhibition day, the anticipation and fear thaat no one will turn up. I had a mental YAY!!! when the 1st person arrived. The nerves soon left and the people arrived and the feeling apprehension soon turned to excitement and a sence of overwhelming crept over me that all these people had come to see my work. That was it, i was hooked and hungry for another gig.
There were no sales from my 1st gig, I spent alot of money putting it together. I did however get a couple of commissions and an enormous sense achievement and for the 1st time in my life i was driven, focused and determined. I felt like i had found my calling.


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