Having been into drawing all my life, it wasnt until very recently that I have come into my own and be in the position to show my work to the public and offer it up for sale. It was my brother Ian who first got me into art, he would spend many hours with me teaching me how to draw in 3D, showing me how the light effects how the shadow falls and as much as knew about muscle tone. He taught me many tricks but above all he taught me to constantly push myself. Sadly i lost my brother at the young age of 40. This had a devistating effect on me and pushed me into a downward spiral and it was in my art that i took what refuge i could find. It was due to a great deal of dedication and compassion that my familyand close friends were able to help me find the strenght and self belief to go on and do an Art degree. It is this chain of events that has led me to the here and now.



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